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MLT Builders are incredibly proud of their team of professional and skilled tradesmen. They all know what they do, and they love what they do. Come and meet the people that will bring your dream home to life.
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Rayner Dekker

Forman/Qualified Builder


Skills and Qualifications:
Good work ethic
Efficient onsite management
Strong team leader
Take pride in my work
High integrity

When we’ll meet you:
Onsite throughout the build and any meeting schedules.

What problems do you look after?
Managing the onsite teams as a foreman making sure we have a smooth build. Answering questions you may have.

Why do you like working here?
MLT holds a strong quality finish and loves to please. They are passionate about building but also know how to have a good laugh.

Interests outside of work:
Enjoy keeping on the gym, catching up with mates, camping trips with my partner, love rag dogs, hunting, fishing and the great outdoors.

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Tim Whalley

Apprentice (4th year)


Skills and Qualifications:
Permaculture Design Certificate
Workplace First Aid Certificate
Dogman’s/ Riggers and Self-erecting Tower Crane Operators Licence
200hr Registered Yoga Teacher’s Certificate
Royal Queen’s Commission (NZ Army), Army Officer Qualification
National Certificate in Outdoor Education (NCEA Level 4)
Superyacht Crew Certificate (NCEA level 4)

Project management/ leadership, communication, adaptability and initiative.

When we’ll meet you:
On the tools on site – working as part of a team or individually. I may be running smaller jobs or assisting the foreman as leading hand on larger projects.

What problems do you look after?
I ensure projects get done on time, to a high-quality standard under the direction of the foreman, project manager or boss.

Why do you like working here?
MLT Builders is a tight-knit crew that combines an awesome team environment as well as quality builds and interesting projects. Under Mark’s guidance, then team culture and projects that we build make us proud and enjoy our work.

Interests outside of work:
Playing guitar, Spearfishing, Yoga, Gardening, Running, Surfing, Reading

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Cobain Tomai-Coppell

Apprentice builder


When we’ll meet you:
I’m a second-year apprentice so you’ll likely see me holding the end of a qualified builders tape, ticking along with my own jobs or on the odd occasion working alone. All to further my knowledge in the trade.

What problems do you look after?
I look after what I can when I can, I listen and learn, that’s my job. keep one foot in front of the other, ask questions and assist where possible. Sometimes I tackle my own issues where possible, for example, you may find me doing trims on my own or learning more with/off of the boys. Constantly trying to improve.

Why do you like working here?
Working here is a pleasure. It’s a pleasure to work with people who are keen to assist me in furthering my own personal knowledge and skills in the trade. Let alone that all the boys are enjoyable to work with, all the boys assist in different ways with different things that they are knowledgeable in. It’s great being able to listen and learn different things from different people.

Interests outside of work:
I’ve been into martial arts in the past. I did taekwondo for just over nine years and achieved my second dahn black belt. After that, I spent about a year doing kickboxing and I multiple other martial art styles for shorter periods of time. Now I tend to be found listening to music, drawing, watching the odd documentaries or focusing on the odd little collectables I have.

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Cody Walker



Skills & Qualifications (Personal & Professional):
NCEA level 3

When we’ll meet you:
You will meet me on-site on the tools, mostly with one of the older/qualified guys.

What problems do you look after?
I help the other guys with the job, set up the site and I make sure to keep the site tidy and organized.

Why do you like working here?
The variety of work is very good and I get to learn lots. It is a brilliant environment to work in and I get along well with everyone.

Interests outside of work:
Going to the gym and mountain biking.

Our Values

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We strive to gain the trust of those that we work alongside in each project. We act with integrity and prove ourselves to be respectful, honest and reliable.

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We call a spade a spade. We don't sugar coat it. Our communication is key to our success, and we make sure you always know what is happening.

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Working seamlessly together makes us stronger. We believe that exceptional homes are built when trade professionals collaborate as a team with the same commitment to creating your dream home.

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Renovating or building your home is about the experience as much as the end product. We do our best to make sure we communicate well so that you have an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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Customer Satisfaction

We listen and understand your needs and requirements. On completion, we will assess your home against our Quality Assurance Checklist to guarantee that your project is finished to a very high standard.


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